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Indy 16 inch Trainer Unicycle - Black

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Indy 16 inch Trainer Unicycle - Black

Indy 16 inch Trainer Unicycle - Black

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The Indy 16" trainer unicycle is a great little uni' for children aged 8 up as well as some small adults. It features a quick release seat with grab handle and nonslip stem. All the Indy Trainer unicycle components are made from strong steel and should cater for most practice sessions. 16" uniycles have proved very popular with workshops

True Weight: 4.67
Brand: Indy
Saddle: Indy Trainer Saddle - Colour Matched Bumper
Seat Post: Indy 22.2⌀
Clamp: Quick Release Clamp
Frame: Indy Trainer Frame
Hub System: Cotterless Peg
Rim: Coloured Matched rim
Tyre: 16" x 2.125" Tyre (schrader valve)
Pedals: Indy Non-Slip Basic
Player Level: Beginner
Style: Trainer
Weight: 5.60kg